Our process is simple

The brief
We listen to your requirements and how you want your new environment to work.
We Then start to develop ideas and design solutions.
Concept design
At this stage we put together a creative concept. We consider all your requirements and come up with a scheme that can transform the look and feel of your workplace.
Design developement
Utilising the latest software, we can create 3D models, lifelike visuals and video walkthroughs of your new space. This helps you to envisage your new workplace as if it were already built.
The detail
We then produce samples and finishes for sign off. Ensure all details including mechanical and electrical elements are considered in the final design.
Project programme
Our design process is part of the overall project programme. This makes sure every element is built into the proposal to deliver the project both on time and on budget to the specification of the final design.

Space Planning
with Revit

By 3D modelling our fit-out projects in AutoDesk Revit, we take our clients on a 3D journey through the design process.

Revit allows our in house design team to easily visualize their designs with straightforward isometric views to the most sophisticated rendered images, 360 panoramic views and video walkthroughs.

We take your space and bring it to life.

BIM at
Vision Projects

At Vision Projects we have the standards, methods and expertise to deliver projects in BIM. BIM is a powerful design and collaboration tool which enables us to surpass our customers requirements.

We believe more and more of our customers will benefit from BIM, particularly now it has been integrated into the Governments strategy to improve efficiency in the construction industry.

The power of this tool is endless as we can provide our clients with a detailed 3D digital model. Through designing, creating and managing projects through the virtual modelling process. We can ensure efficiency and quality is always maximised from feasibility stage to completion.