Boardroom Table

The boardroom portfolio offers a variety of choices from the Lux range, now featuring the addition of elegant wooden legs. This new design element allows clients to select a modern and impactful complement to their workspace.

You can choose from an octagonal conference table or rectangular, square, and circular meeting tables, designed to accommodate up to 14 people. Each of these options can be customized with wire management solutions and various work surface-mounted power, data, and USB charging modules.

Boardroom Table

The elegantly angled legs of the Reflex table range define its sleek lines and minimalist executive appearance. These legs are seamlessly connected to a robust full steel sub-frame, ensuring both strength and stability.

The Reflex range offers a variety of options, including octagonal conference tables and rectangular, square, or circular meeting tables, designed to comfortably seat up to 14 people. Each configuration can be customized with wire management solutions and a range of work surface-mounted power, data, and USB charging modules.

Boardroom Table

The Progress design has been expanded to encompass a selection of conference and meeting tables, featuring rectangular tabletops that can comfortably seat up to 10 people.

Elevate the functionality of these tables by integrating our wide array of boardroom electrical solutions.

Boardroom Table

Much like our desking options, Linnea conference tables can be furnished with either an angled or goalpost leg frame.

These versatile tables come in five different size variations, accommodating gatherings of 8 to 14 individuals, and they bring a modern, minimalist style that complements the aesthetics of a contemporary meeting room.

For more compact or uniquely shaped spaces, the Linnea range also provides square and rectangular meeting tables in various dimensions.

Boardroom Table

In line with its parent desking collection, the Matrix conference table features a classic and straightforward design.

Measuring at 3400 x 1200mm, the table is supplied in two sections, providing ample seating for up to 10 individuals. As with all our tables, there are ten different MFC finishes available for the tabletops.

Additionally, within the Matrix design, our meeting table portfolio includes square and rectangular tables, offered in various sizes to comfortably accommodate gatherings of 4 to 8 people.