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Implementing a hybrid working solution for employers involves creating a flexible work environment that combines remote work with in-person office attendance.

Here at Vision Projects we can adapt your office environment to encourage and promote Hybrid working for your employees. When adapting your workspaces to accommodate a hybrid workforce, consideration with flexible seating arrangements, collaboration zones, and hot-desking options is a priority.

So how could Vision Projects help?

Our team has over 20 years experience and knowledge. We can create and install a multi-purpose professional office space that can accommodate both remote and in-office workers. Using flexible seating arrangements such as private pods and booths, allows staff to organise video calls with colleagues without the distraction and noise of an open office. When in-person collaboration work is required, our hot desks and booths allow employees to come together for those all important brainstorming sessions.

Overall, a hybrid work environment offers employees the best of both worlds- the flexibility to work remotely when needed and the opportunity for in-person connection and collaboration.

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