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Herman Miller Sustainability

Herman Miller offers forward-thinking furniture solutions for the business, education and domestic sectors. From revolutionary seating to collaborative workspaces and versatile storage products. When it comes to sustainability, Herman Miller is a believer in managing their resources responsibly.

Ocean-bound plastic waste is a plentiful and valuable resource which can be transformed into something new. By incorporating this sustainable resource into their products, Herman Miller is helping to reduce plastic waste by incorporating it into their innovative furniture and storage solutions.

FSC® certified timber is used throughout Herman Miller’s work surfaces, tables and storage products. By promoting renewable, certified and recycled wood, Herman Miller are working hard to minimise the impact of materials they use.

Giving new life to unloved furniture is a fantastic way to give unwanted furniture to local and non-profits all around the world. Not only does this approach reduce the amount of waste in our landfills, it also benefits communities and environments who need it the most.

At Vision Projects we are dedicated to working with those who share the same vision, sustainable products and solutions for a better world.

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Herman Miller Sustainability

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